The creators of Hand of Law come from a background of multiplayer as it is supposed to be. Not the corporation-controlled version where players are seen as ways to make money. But one where players can get their own part of the game and be free to make their own rules and environment.

In this age the number of alternatives people can find where they have freedom to use their own creativity and imagination are limited, and diminishing almost daily as the old games are getting harder to run on modern hardware. Also the move of game developers to control the multiplayer environments to the detriment of the player-made servers makes it harder to find a place that offers both freedom and a modern up-to date gaming experience.

Hand Of Law is about to change this. We will not claim to start at the top, as we are a small individual initiative. But we do claim that we know how to bind a large player base, and what a successful platform should be. We offer a new view on gaming in many ways. Not just by platform but by numerous new ideas that are unprecedented in gaming and might change the industry forever.

2016 is the year we get serious, as we believe the technology is ready to support our ideas. This means we are looking for developers who will form the base of the platform, and will hopefully in the future be able to profit in the form of jobs, money and becming known in the gaming world. If you think you have what it takes, apply for a position.